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Welcome to Imber Models

Imber Models Ltd. is a new UK based producer of high quality high detail 1/32 scale agricultural models.  Our aim is to bring models to the UK and European collectors models of the items often overlooked by the mainstream producers. but still required on the 1/32 farmstead.

Also we hope to add accessories and implements reflecting farming in the real world as the range develops.  1/32 scale tractors and implements will be added at regular intervals as the range expands.

Look for additions to the long blue line in due course!


IMB 002 Ford 5640 Industrial

Fully researched from the paint records at the Basildon plant. Imber Models announce the Ford 5640 Industrial.  These were produced in many configurations for Council, Municipal, Industrial units for Europe and as Highway mowing tractors for the North American Markets.  The most common livery was the Industrial yellow as featured on the model, however various other shades were produced for local markets.

All modells come with the optional front end equipment and include the optional engine side panels, lights and toplinks.

Little Imber on the Downe,

Seven miles from any Towne,

Sheep bleats the unly sound,

Life twer sweet with ne'er a vrown,

Oh let us bide on Imber Downe

Why Imber??

For those who live in Wiltshire they already know.  Imber was a village on Salisbury Plain, self sufficient and centre of large farming enterprises.  Sadly, the war Office and Minitry of Defence had covetous eyes on the broad expanses of the Plain for military exercises.  Land was steadily bought and leased back to the farmers who thought, apart from the occasional exercise, life would carry on for ever.  All that changed in 1943 - the Allies won the war, Wiltshire lost the Plain and Imber.

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