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Imber Models are pleased to announce their first model, the Ford Powerstar 5640, faithfully modeled in true 1/32 scale. 

Modeled from a working machine Imber Models have released this model as a strictly limited edition of 7,000 units worldwide.  This edition will not be repeated and once sold out will not be repeated as that model designation.  Imber Models has worked closely with it's appointed manufacturer, ROS SRL, to achive a new level of detail and choice for the collector worthy of the tractor.  The models are exclusive to Imber Models Ltd. and are fully licensed.

The models have been researched and will feature opening doors and windows, opening bonnets and functioning fully detailed hitches, that will include assistor rams and correct 40 Series stabilisers. 

Front end equipment will match the original - customers will have the option of front weight brackets, front weights and a fully functioning factory pattern front hitch with weight block and 'A' frame adaptor.

Like wise the factory variants of worklights and indicators will be included so that the cab may be customised accordingly.

To further add choice for the collector, we have carefully studied the 40 series varaints and have planned the tooling to accommodate the variants within the range.  Consequently the release of 7,000 models will in fact comprise four model variants.

Models £45.00 all variants, to ship from 30th. November.

Ford 5640 SL 4WD

Ford 5640 SL 4WD  Limited Edition 2,500 £50.00 To Order Click Here

This model has the correct analogue dash and 'SL' gear stalk cluster, as well as the appropriate decals.

 Ford 5640 SL 2WD

Ford 5640 SL 2WD  Limited Edition 1,000 £50.00 To Order Click Here

Again featuring the appropriate dash and gear stalk cluster, this model faetures the correct two wheel drive front axle and steering ram. 

Ford 5640 SLE 4WD

Ford 5640 SLE 4WD  Limited Edition 2,500 £50.00 To Order Click Here

Features the digital dash that premiered with these tractors, and the correct gear stick cluster for the revolutionary SLE gearbox. 

 Ford 5640 SLE 2WD

Ford 5640 SLE 2WD  Limited Edition 1,000 £50.00 To Order Click Here

Featuring the digital dash and the 'SLE' gear stalks, this two wheel drive variant will be sought after.

'FORD' script and Ford 'Blue Oval' used under license by the Ford Motor Co.

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